Lead Generation from Bug Reports

03 Oct 2016

Heads Up Before August 2018 Saber was known as "BugMuncher", so you'll see the name BugMuncher instead of Saber throughout these older posts. You can read more about the name change here - BugMuncher rebrands to Saber.

Whenever someone gives feedback or submits a bug report on your website with a tool like BugMuncher, they usually have the option to provide their email address so that you can respond to them.

If someone takes the time to give feedback on your website, there’s a good chance they’re interested in your product, and you could classify them as a warm lead. Of course you can’t, or at least you shouldn’t, just assume they’re OK with you firing marketing emails at them - I know I’d be pretty pissed off if I submitted a bug report to a website, and they then started sending me marketing emails without my permission.

This means you could be missing out on a plethora of great sales leads, which is why I’ve added a new feature to the BugMuncher feedback interface: You can now ask users if they’d like to receive more information about your company or website when they are giving feedback:

This way users can opt in to receiving emails from you, qualifying themselves as a lead - no one gets unwanted emails, and you get to grow your mailing list with people who want to hear from you, everybody wins!

This feature is now available to all free and paid BugMuncher accounts, and you can export the email addresses of everyone who has opted in from the BugMuncher control panel.

Subscribers to the Startup and Corporate plans can also link BugMuncher to a Mailchimp account, so that anyone who opts in will automatically be subscribed to a mailing list in Mailchimp. I’ll be adding more integrations with other email list services soon.

- Matt

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