Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 7

08 Jan 2016

Heads Up Before August 2018 Saber was known as "BugMuncher", so you'll see the name BugMuncher instead of Saber throughout these older posts. You can read more about the name change here - BugMuncher rebrands to Saber.

This is a happy and sad moment for me - I’ve decided to drop BugMuncher’s support for Internet Explorer 7. You may be wondering why I’m a little saddened by this, as developing for old versions of Internet Explorer feels like being punished for the sins of past life.

I’m sad because when I first launched BugMuncher back in 2011, it was the only website feedback tool I could find that supported IE7, and unsurprisingly, over 4 years on, BugMuncher still seems to be the only website feedback tool that supports IE7. I’ve always been really proud of this, and considered one of BugMuncher’s selling points.

However, supporting Internet Explorer 7 (and to a lesser extent 8 and 9) means every time I update BugMuncher, I then need to spend a good few hours testing in those browsers, and of course fixing the plethora of problems that will undoubtedly reveal themselves.

Every time I’ve had to load up a Windows XP virtual machine to test and fix BugMuncher in Internet Explorer 7 I’ve wondered if it was really worth the trouble, so I decided to investigate the usage statistics. According to Net Market Share Internet Explorer 7 has just 0.33% of the global market share. Even IE6 is more widely used at 0.52%, and BugMuncher has never supported IE6.

Of course global usage stats are a good indicator, but what’s really important is how much BugMuncher is used in IE7. Through out 2015, IE7 has averaged 0.3%, which pretty much matches Net Market Share’s data, and throughout the year usage has steadily declined from 0.58% in January 2015 to 0% in December. Yep, not a single feedback report was created using IE7 in December 2015. Based on this data, I think it’s fairly safe for me to say:

So long Internet Explorer 7, it's been fucking horrible

So from this day, every update to BugMuncher will not be tested in Internet Explorer 7, and I won’t be fixing any issues that only affect IE7. This means I’ll be able to push updates and improvements quicker, now that I don’t have to mess around with IE7.

- Matt

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