July 2019 Income Report

02 Aug 2019

This is part 50 in my series of blog posts documenting my attempt to take Saber from Side Project to Profitable Startup. If you've not yet read the previous parts, you should definitely start from part 1.

Back to normality after yesterday’s big announcement, here’s July 2019’s income report:

The Figures

  July 2019 June 2019 Change
Monthly Recurring Revenue $4,136 $4,165
Paying customers 54 55
- Personal Plan 16 17
- Startup Plan 27 27
- Corporate Plan 11 11
Unique users on landing page 753 595
New Free Trial sign ups 19 16
Free Trial sign up rate
New Paying customers 0 3
Lost Paying Customers 1 1
Free Trial to Paying conversion
End to End conversion
Profit £1,091.49 £-115.26

Well, that was a pretty dismal month, but then, I had been preoccupied with getting a job. I was surprised to see a slight surge in impressions, but zero conversions is pretty disappointing. On the plus side it was a great month for profit, which is simply because I had a customer change from monthly to annual payments.

Revenue & Profit


Well, I didn’t stick to last months goals at all. I did start working on re-doing the documentation, but didn’t get a chance to finish it. I’ve also abandoned all marketing now, so I didn’t make any changes to the PPC campaign.

I also don’t really have any goals for this month now, other than finish the documentation. Everything’s a bit unknown at the moment, I’d still like to move these posts on to a personal blog, so maybe I’ll try to get that set up.

Thanks for reading.

- Matt

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August was my first full month with Saber in “maintenance mode”, and it went pretty well. I had my first week working for FreeAgent on the 5th August, which I spent working in their offices in Edinburgh. Conveniently there was very little that I needed to do to Saber during that week. However, my first week working from home seemed to be more of a test, as bugs and support requests came in thick and fast. I think I spent at least half an hour every morning working on Saber that week. At least since then it’s all settled down quite nicely.

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