How to make the most of your Website Feedback Tool

Product | 24 Apr 2018

User feedback is one of the best ways to gauge how your customers feel, and improve your website or application. This is why website feedback tools have become so popular, as they provide a simple and consistent interface through which your users can provide feedback directly on your website.

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Full page screenshots with Selenium Webdriver in Chrome and Safari

| 01 Sep 2015

Saber Feedback makes use of Selenium to create accurate screenshots in over 500 different browser / operating system combinations. The problem I (and many Selenium users) face is that the drivers for selenium are not consistent in how they take screenshots. Most browser drivers in Selenium take a screenshot of...

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Welcome to the Saber Feedback blog

Our story | 24 Apr 2012

Welcome to the Saber Feedback blog. This blog will inform you of updates and changes to Saber Feedback, as well as articles about effective use of Saber Feedback.

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