Saber Feedback is Fully Customizable

Completely customize the feedback button and form

Create your perfect feedback button

With Saber Feedback you can completely customize the appearance of the feedback button, all from the comfort of the control panel:

  • Button color
  • Text color
  • Label text
  • Position
  • Style

You can also use custom CSS to customize the feedback button, or hide the default button entirely, and use an element on your webpage to trigger Saber Feedback.

Learn more about the Feedback Button

Powerful Form Builder

Saber Feedback’s comprehensive form builder allows you to build your perfect feedback form. Create your own custom fields, or choose from Saber Feedback’s ready made fields.

With Saber Feedback’s form builder you can choose:

  • Which fields are displayed
  • The order they’re listed
  • If fields are optional
  • Form logic rules

The form builder also includes a live preview, which updates in real-time, so you can see exactly your form will look and perform, before you make it live.

Learn more about the Form Builder

Industry Leading Form Logic

With Saber Feedback’s form logic, you can easily make it so as a user fills in your feedback form, subsequent fields change depending on the answers already provided.

  • Only get the information you need
  • Keep forms simple and get more responses
  • Avoid frustrating users
  • Display messages to users based on their answers

Add your Brand

You can upload custom CSS rules to customize the appearance if the feedback form:

  • Add your own company’s logo
  • Change form colors
  • Choose the feedback form font
  • Control all aspects of the form style
  • Concierge service to help you customize the form

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