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Find your best customers

With Saber Feedback you can quickly search through all your feedback by Net Promoter Score and Rating, allowing you to find your best customers.

You can also use the search to find unhappy users, allowing you to reach out to them, and improve their experience.

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The information you need,
without having to ask

Feedback sent using Saber Feedback automatically includes:

  • Browser name & version
  • Operating System name & version
  • List of Browser Plugins installed
  • Any Javascript errors that occurred
  • Screens size and resolution
  • User IP, User agent string & location

Discover errors you didn’t know were happening

Saber’s feedback automatically captures details about events that occurred leading up to the feedback being submitted, including:

  • Detailed Javascript Errors
  • Pages visited
  • AJAX Requests

Feedback with screenshots

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

  • Screenshots created in the browser, no plugins or tools required.
  • See exactly what your users see
  • Accurate screenshots for desktops, tablets & phones
  • Easily highlight areas of your website
  • Automatically hide sensitive information
  • Quickly identify cross-browser issues

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