What is Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback is a simple feedback tool that works on websites, web apps, internal testing sites, and online courses. It consists of a feedback button or icon, customisable feedback forms (with screenshot functionality), and a dashboard, although you don’t have to use this.

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Who uses Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback customers include online course providers, enterprise-level companies and self-funded startups.

Saber Feedback is an easy and affordable way to get feedback from your users, whether you need visual bug reports, satisfaction ratings, feedback on content, or more general feedback.

Why should you use Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback helps you solve these challenges:

How does Saber Feedback work?

We’ve deliberately kept Saber Feedback easy to use and install.

  1. Sign up for our free trial and install Saber Feedback (cut and paste some code: a quick job)
  2. Customise your feedback button or icon
  3. Customise your feedback forms
  4. Receive feedback through your Saber Feedback dashboard, by email or through one of our integrations (including Jira, Trello and Slack).

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