Saber Feedback and Clinical Skills Pro


We talked to Christopher Roberts, learner success manager at AICPA

Can you tell us a bit about your organisation and the work you do?

AICPA is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession. So our membership bodies consist of certified public accountants and management accountants from all over the world.

We run the Finance Leadership Programme which is an online learning platform for students trying to get their CGMA Designation. The programme has individual courses comprising learning, real world application, and questions. After each course, students complete an assessment. Once they pass all these assessments they take an exam, which is separate. About 80% of the programme is text based with some video content and questions.

What I mainly work on is collecting student feedback, getting students from point a to z within the programme, implementing student feedback, and making improvements within the programme itself.

How are you using saber feedback?

We wanted a tool that allowed us to collect student feedback and for students to be able to take a screenshot and show us what they are looking at.

When the programme was new and we were still building it, we wanted to add new features. So we initially asked students going through the programme to suggest improvement ideas through Saber Feedback.

Now, we mainly use Saber Feedback for content issues, so if a student comes across something they don’t think is right, or working, or a typo, it’s really great for that type of feedback.

We implement Saber Feedback on every page we have. Students can give feedback on their landing page, which is a dashboard area, or throughout the learning. So everywhere in the programme they have the ability to give feedback. We use one form that autopopulates a student’s email address, which they use to login to our programme. The form has a text box where they can fill in their comments and gives them the ability to take a screenshot.

We used to have a feedback button on the right hand of the screen. Now we have a question mark icon top right that students can click to leave feedback, and there is also an option under their name.

Once a student leaves feedback we have it connected with a Jira instance. Then we categorise the feedback within Jira.

Saber Feedback has definitely made our lives easier. It doesn’t take them more than a couple of seconds for students to give feedback, and it’s simple for us collecting that feedback in Jira.