Saber Feedback and Clinical Skills Pro


We talked to Dr Edward Banham-Hall, hospital consultant, course director and web developer.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and the work you do?

Clinical Skills Pro is a website offering largely video-based training for doctors taking a tough postgraduate examination that tests their ability to talk to, examine, diagnose and treat patients. The doctors are expected to perform to a high standard, and need to clear this exam to progress their careers.

We aim to offer a comprehensive, high quality, detailed and accurate course covering a very broad curriculum. Our students are already practising doctors and are highly trained already - their expectations of an eLearning course are understandably very high. In addition, due to the high cost of generating video-based eLearning requiring patients and studio crew, we have an unavoidably high ticket-cost for our course. Typically, our students will pay between £129 and £299 for access to our course materials.

How are you using Saber Feedback?

We have to feel completely confident in the quality of our course and depend on high student satisfaction to remain in business. Without that, we really couldn’t exist. That can be really challenging because medical guidelines change all the time, science moves forwards, and it is really easy for our content to become stale.

Saber Feedback is an absolutely essential part of our quality assurance and provides us with the perfect solution to maintain, enhance and optimise our site.

Our course consists of around 300-400 pages, and our students may experience issues anywhere on the site that we would want to address. Saber Feedback provides the ability for them to automatically log a URL on which they have noted an issue, which allows me to quickly identify and resolve anything from typos through to speed issues and bugs.

The advantages of this are huge, and Saber Feedback has helped us resolve a number of customer issues promptly and with great customer satisfaction feedback.

Saber Feedback and Clinical Skills Pro feedback form

For example, one customer noticed that the European Society of Cardiology had recently updated some guidelines, and that had made some of our explanatory text outdated. They simply logged a note through Saber Feedback and we were able to redraft that bit of text, resolving the issue within a few hours of the change in management guidelines! That compares very favourably with our competitors who continue to have outdated information in their resources and no mechanism to directly link customer feedback to specific elements of their course. And of course it is far ahead of any textbook alternative.

The user-friendly interface, unobtrusive styling and detailed reporting capability that comes bundled with Saber Feedback makes it a perfect fit for our eLearning course.

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