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Saber Feedback has helped hundreds of companies measure customer loyalty, including:

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Add a Net Promoter Score survey to your Website

  • Measure your customers’ loyalty
  • Track improvement over time
  • Include a follow-up explanation question
  • Identify customers who may need help
  • Add Saber Feedback to your site in less than one minute

With Saber Feedback you can discover your Net Promoter Score (NPS) from your customers without them having to leave your website.

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Intelligent Follow Up Questions

  • Change follow up question based on NPS score
  • Only get the information you need
  • Keep forms simple and get more responses
  • Avoid frustrating users
  • Display messages to users based on their answers

With Saber Feedback’s Industry Leading Form Logic you can easily make form fields change based on answers to previous questions.

Gilbert Rojas - Western Governors University

Saber Feedback allows us to identify trends in questions, tech bugs, broken business processes and address root causes.

Gilbert Rojas

Chief of Staff

Western Governors University

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