Saber Feedback and WordPress


Website feedback buttons let you hear direct from your users, without endless email chains and overloaded ticketing systems.

Users can quickly contact you without leaving the page they are on. Some feedback buttons even allow users to send you visual feedback, to make it easier to identify problems.

Although Saber Feedback works on all types of websites, we’ve created a WordPress plugin to make it as easy as possible for you to install our feedback button on your website.

Saber feedback button on Clinical Skills Pro website Add a feedback button to your WordPress website

What Saber Feedback does – in a nutshell

There are plenty of feedback buttons on the market, so why should you consider Saber Feedback?

“Saber Feedback is a core function of our site. It allows our users to provide direct, meaningful feedback and is of immense value to our product development.”

Ed Banham-Hall, Director, Clinical Skills Pro

Here are 5 reasons why Saber Feedback could work for you:

1. Get visual feedback

Make it easy for users to take screenshots and eliminate confusion from the feedback process. Instead of users having to spend time describing what they are talking about they can just show you.

Saber Feedback supports screenshot feedback on all feedback forms.

Saber screenshot example Screenshots make it easy for users to give you clear feedback

2. Technical details automatically included

Your developers need to know if feedback sent by one customer is relevant to all users, or just to a few customers using a specific operating system, for example.

Instead of having to go back and forth with users to find out the necessary meta information, Saber Feedback automatically includes it. This makes the job of your developers and support team easier, as well as simplifying communication with your users.

Feedbackify form editor Technical information can be automatically included as part of user feedback

3. Customise your feedback forms to get the feedback you need

What feedback does your company need? Do you want feedback on a new feature? To see how likely users are to recommend your product to a friend? To submit visual bug reports?

Your feedback requirements are specific to your company, and can change over time. This is why at Saber Feedback we support 14 different field types, including star rating, check box and text box, as well as form logic so users are asked relevant questions based on previous answers.

You can ask for general feedback:

Saber Feedback form example general

Or you can ask users for specific feedback:

Saber Feedback form example emojis

4. Send feedback to the people who need to see it

Once you’ve installed a feedback button on your WordPress website, then where do you want that feedback to go? Who needs to see it?

Feedback is only useful to you if it leads to positive outcomes for your product or company. Which means it shouldn’t just sit somewhere unloved!

Saber Feedback provides you with three options:

  1. Get feedback sent to you (or a specified address) by email
  2. Browse feedback on your Saber Feedback dashboard using the versatile filter function
  3. Get feedback sent direct to your favourite tools i.e. Trello, Jira, Slack, Zendesk and Basecamp – Saber Feedback also supports webhooks

Saber Feedback sent via email Get feedback sent straight to your inbox

5. Get help when you need it

Some companies prioritise higher-price point customers. Others struggle to provide much support at all, because they are a one-person company.

Here at Saber we hope to strike a good balance. We’re a small and friendly team that believes in offering great customer support to all our customers.

Read more about the small and friendly team behind Saber Feedback.

You can sign up for Saber Feedback safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep improving our product and supporting you.

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