Usabilla is a feedback tool aimed at enterprise-level customers. You can use it to collect visual feedback data across web, mobile apps, and email. It’s used by major brands like Vodaphone, HP and Phillips.

However, Usabilla is not the best choice for every company, particularly given its price point.

How much does Usabilla cost?

Usabilla sells various product packages:

You can buy a single product license or the full suite. Price is on request, although pricing starts from $10,000 per year.

You also need to pay extra for:

Usabilla’s pricing policy can make it an expensive choice. We’ll look at 5 alternatives to Usabilla for user feedback - starting with the least expensive.

1. Feedbackify

If you only need a basic feedback tool for your website then why pay a lot of money? Feedbackify is used by major brands like Tesco and John Lewis (according to their website). It costs $19 a month. You use a drag and drop form builder to create a feedback form, that can include a 1-10 rating question. There are a few simple options for customising your feedback button. Your feedback is then sent to a Feedbackify dashboard.

You are limited in terms of customisation options and where you can send your feedback – no integrations are mentioned. But at $19 a month you can’t expect everything.

Feedbackify form editor Gather feedback with a button or through a text link with Feedbackify

2. Saber Feedback

Saber Feedback is a good all-rounder if you need a feedback tool that has most of the features you need at a competitive price. It supports screenshots (so you can collect visual feedback) and feedback in different languages. It also connects natively with popular product management software like Jira, Trello and Slack.

Feedback forms can be customised with a choice of 14 options, including emoji rating, check box and text box. It also supports form logic, so you don’t bore users by asking irrelevant questions. Feedback is gathered through a feedback button – you can customise the one provided or use your own design. Saber Feedback only works on websites though.

Saber Feedback has three pricing options per month: $49, $99 and $249 for their corporate option.

Saber's customisable feedback form Saber Feedback’s forms can be customised to meet your needs

In this article, we explore in detail how Saber Feedback and Usabilla compare.

3. BugHerd

If you’re most interested in getting feedback on bugs, particularly though visual feedback, then BugHerd could work well. Your users can ‘pin’ feedback to your website and log problems using a sidebar. BugHerd aims to be a bug tracking tool in itself, so you might not need issue tracking software as well. Feedback is sent to a task management Kanban-style board, although BugHerd also integrates with project management tools like Basecamp and Slack.

BugHerd costs from $39-$189 per month.

kanban board of Bugherd Bugherd allows users to point and click on a problem

4. Mopinion

Mopinion is one of the more feature-rich feedback solutions. You can collect feedback on websites or apps through modals, slide-in forms, or embedded on your site or in emails. The Mopinion dashboard contains a number of analytical options, including text and sentiment analysis (like Wootric, below). Visual feedback is supported through screenshots.

Mopinion, unusually, has pricing packages ranging from free to $579+. The cheaper packages offer limited functionality and no support though. You’d probably be better using a simpler and cheaper feedback tool.

Mopinion functionality Mopinion offers multiple form display modes

5. Wootric

Wootric is the most similar tool to Usabilla in this list. You can use it to collect feedback from your team and employees. Users can be surveyed through a wide range of communication channels, including email, in-app, mobile, SMS and intercom messenger. Feedback forms can be customised, including net promoter scores, customer satisfaction scores or customer effect scores.

Wootric don’t support visual feedback. They do specialise in ‘AI’ though - offering text and sentiment analysis as an add-on to their usual pricing packages. Wootric costs from $89-$224 per month.

Wootric employee feedback form Wootric is strong on analysis

Which is the best Usabilla alternative?

All the alternatives we’ve listed here work well for their existing customers. So which Usabilla alternative is best for you depends entirely on your user feedback requirements.

Do you need to gather feedback in emails? Do you need advanced analytical tools? Do you need a feedback button and customisable forms at a reasonable price? Do integrations matter?

Once you’re clear about what you need from a user feedback tool you can try out your favourites, and make a choice. Then you can start collecting valuable user feedback, fix urgent bugs, get new feature ideas and increase customer satisfaction.