Saber Feedback was created in 2011 and is owned by Barbary Software.

We’re profitable and self-funded

Barbary Software is a profitable, self-funded company that believes in stable and sustainable growth.

We’ve been around for a long time, and intend to stay around for a long time.

You can sign up for Saber Feedback safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep improving our product and supporting you.

We value life-work balance

We’re based in Barcelona, Spain. However we are a fully remote team, mostly in Europe.

We intentionally run a low-stress, calm workplace. We value getting things done, but not to the exclusion of everything else in life. Family, health, and overall well-being are priorities that we don’t sacrifice.

We’ve found that putting our priorities in this order has made our company better.

Join the diverse group of companies using Saber Feedback

Saber Feedback is used by government departments, enterprise-level companies, universities and self-funded startups.

Saber Feedback is an easy and affordable way to get feedback from your users, whether you need visual bug reports, satisfaction ratings or general feedback.

Email us at to get in touch. Or use the feedback button to the right of the page.

Saber Feedback was acquired by Barbary Software in 2020.

Barbary Software SL
Carrer Marina 60
08005 Barcelona, Spain
Company registration number: ES B65915647