Saber Feedback was created in 2011 and is owned by Barbary Software.

We're profitable and self-funded

Barbary Software is a profitable, self-funded company that believes in stable rather than rocketship growth.

This is an unusual attitude in the tech sector, where exponential growth and global domination are uncritically celebrated.

However, we think that having a healthy and sustainable company, and a happy team, is the best way to serve our customers.

Our practical attitude also gives our company a certain resilience in the face of current and future challenges.

You can sign up for Saber Feedback safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep improving our product and supporting you.

We're serious about being low stress

Do you know how we begin our monthly meetings? With a reminder that we are a low-stress company. This has been company policy right from the beginning. Steve McLeod, our founder, says:

I don't want endless ambition to drive our company. Endless ambition leads to endless exhaustion. Exhaustion doesn't benefit our team, it doesn't benefit our customers, and it doesn't benefit our families. Being content with modest growth allows our team to maintain a healthy balance between work and everything else in their life. It assures us - and our customers - that our company is stable and healthy and will be around for many years.

Join a growing number of companies using Saber Feedback

Saber Feedback customers include government departments, enterprise-level companies, universities and self-funded startups.

Saber Feedback is an easy and affordable way to get feedback from your users, whether you need visual bug reports, satisfaction ratings or general feedback.

Email us at to get in touch. Or use the feedback button to the right of the page.

Saber Feedback was acquired by Barbary Software in 2020.

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Company registration number: ES B65915647