What’s happening with BugMuncher? Well, I finally bit the bullet and executed the name change I’ve been threatening to do for literally years. Say hello to “Saber Feedback”.

Saber Feedback logo

Of course a new name comes with a new logo, and I also took this opportunity to completely redesign the website. The rebrand doesn’t officially happen until 1st August 2018, at which point the new website will become live.

Important details

I’ll explain my rationale and some details of the name change below, but I’ll start with the most important stuff.

Firstly, BugMuncher customers won’t have to do a thing. All current BugMuncher installations will continue to work after the name change, and I’ll be keeping the bugmuncher.com domain online and working alongside saberfeedback.com.

Functionality and pricing are also not changing. This is just a rebrand. You’ll get the same great service, for the same price, just with a different name attached.

Why change the name?

When I launched BugMuncher back in 2011, I was still working full time for a website design agency. BugMuncher was just a little side-project that I threw together in my spare time. At the time, the primary focus of BugMuncher was bug reports, so I picked a silly sounding name and ran with it. It never occurred to me at the time that BugMuncher would one day become my full time job.

Since then BugMuncher has evolved into a fully featured feedback tool, and while bug reporting is still a core part of its functionality, BugMuncher has become so much more. I’ve felt for a long time now that the name “BugMuncher” didn’t really fit any more.

What took me so long?

I’ve been thinking about changing the name for around 3 years, so why the hell has it taken me so long to do it? Well, changing the name is hard, and very time-consuming, and I always felt my time was better spent elsewhere.

For reference, I’ve been working on the rebrand for a little over 2 months, during that time I had to:

As you can see, it was a lot of work, and even if I hadn’t chosen to completely redesign the homepage, it still would have taken a long time to do.

So why now?

I’ve found over the years with BugMuncher that it seems to be disproportionately popular with e-learning sites, colleges and universities. Regular readers will know that I suck at marketing, largely because I don’t have a well-defined target market, so I decided that education would become BugMuncher’s target market.

Having decided to narrow down my target market, it just seemed like the perfect time to finally change the name.

Why Saber Feedback?

I wish I had a really cool reason, or story behind the new name, but I was just trying to think of vaguely education related names. After coming up with nothing good, I started sticking words into Google translate, and it told me that one possible Spanish translation of the word “Learn” is “Saber”.

I though that sounded pretty cool, and while predictably the .com domain wasn’t available, saberfeedback.com was.

So that’s why this blog has been so neglected for the last couple of months, I will be doing a bumper income report soon to get everything up to date, and I’ve got some other posts in the pipeline.