Saber Feedback now has more accurate location detection

Product | 16 Mar 2022

Saber Feedback uses geolocation to determine where each feedback report came from. We've made this more accurate.

Add a feedback button to Help Scout docs

Product | 02 Feb 2022

With Saber Feedback, you can add a floating feedback button to your Help Scout-hosted help center. Here's how.

New 'Show screenshot button' setting

Product | 28 Dec 2021

Want to disable the screenshot feature from your feedback form? We've added a simple way to hide the 'add screenshot' button.

Don't call it a rewrite: releasing Saber Feedback v2

Product | 19 Oct 2021

Today we released a major update of Saber Feedback's web app. It is the same Saber Feedback with the same features, and a couple of new ones. It has an improved visual design and gives us ease and productivity when deploying fixes and improvements.

Temporary problem processing screenshots

Product | 10 May 2021

Update: This problem is now resolved.

Saber Feedback is not a CX platform

Product | 23 Apr 2021

Several of our competitors call themselves a “CX platform”. We are not a CX platform. We are a dead-simple way to add a feedback button to your website or web app, and to get the feedback you receive into the tools you are already using.

Performance improvements to our feedback widget

Product | 25 Feb 2021

Our feedback button is now visible and ready to click much quicker than before. In most cases it will seem to be instantly available to your website visitors.

User interface improvements to our feedback widget

Product | 24 Feb 2021

In recent months we’ve been working on making our feedback widget much better. These improvements are now available for all our customers.

The Saber Feedback widget version 2 is now available

Product | 23 Feb 2021

We've overhauled our feedback button to give your customers a much better experience.

Important news about Saber Feedback's WordPress plugin

Product | 29 Dec 2020

We've updated our WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we had to close our existing WordPress plugin, and create a new one. Find out what you need to do to update.

The Saber Feedback widget is now much faster

Product | 23 Nov 2020

Our widget now downloads faster and has better client-side caching. Your feedback button is already benefiting from these improvements.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Recall: My Ridiculous Experience

Product | 06 Aug 2018

This post is a personal anecdote from the previous owner of Saber Feedback, the feedback button you can add to any website. You can read more recent Saber Feedback news here.

BugMuncher rebrands to Saber Feedback

Product | 30 Jul 2018

What's happening with BugMuncher? Well, I finally bit the bullet and executed the name change I've been threatening to do for literally years. Say hello to "Saber Feedback".

How to make the most of your Website Feedback Tool

Product | 24 Apr 2018

If you want to make the most of your shiny new feedback button, here are a few things you can do to encourage its use.

Full page screenshots with Selenium Webdriver in Chrome and Safari

Product | 01 Sep 2015

This post is a personal anecdote from the previous owner of Saber Feedback. You can read more recent Saber Feedback news here.