Saber Feedback 2021 Year in Review

Our story | 25 Jan 2022

I run Saber Feedback, a feedback widget you can add to any website. Each January I like to reflect on how our product and company has evolved in the last year. Here's a summary of what we did in 2021.

Saber Feedback 2020 (and a few months more) in review

Our story | 06 Apr 2021

April seems late for a yearly report. But April 1st marks one year since I acquired Saber Feedback. So actually the report is quite timely.

Saber Feedback's free plans are ending

Our story | 19 Oct 2020

As of 1st January 2021, our free plan will no longer be available.

Hello from the new owners of Saber Feedback

Our story | 06 May 2020

We're the Barbary Software team, and we're delighted to own Saber Feedback. It's a great product, with lots of promise. Here's why we bought Saber Feedback and what we intend to do with it.

From Side Project to Profitable Startup

Our story | 01 Apr 2020

Saber Feedback's founder Matt Bearman wrote a series of posts describing his journey turning Saber Feedback from his side project into a profitable startup. Read how Matt's journey with Saber Feedback came to a successful conclusion.