We’re the team behind Barbary Software, and we’re delighted to now own Saber Feedback.

Why did you buy Saber?

We liked it!

We particularly appreciate how Saber Feedback can be easily customised and integrated with your favourite tools. However, it still basically remains a simple product. It’s easy for you to set up and maintain, and easy for your customers to send you feedback and bug reports.

It gets exhausting having to learn complicated new software that does ‘everything’ when you only need it to do a few key things.

This is where Saber Feedback is so great. It does the job without trying to elbow out your existing software or make you embark on a steep learning curve until you can achieve value.

With Saber Feedback, you can get set up within minutes and get feedback from your customers shortly afterwards.

We also think Saber Feedback is a good fit for our company. We already have a successful SaaS product called Feature Upvote, which provides feedback boards with built-in voting functionality.

Having experience already in the feedback space, we think our skills and knowledge will transfer well to Saber Feedback.

Who are you?

We’re a dedicated and self-funded team with a distinct philosophy.

Do you know how we begin our monthly meetings? With a reminder that we’re a low-stress company. This has been company policy right from the beginning.

We believe that having a stable and healthy company, and a happy team, is more important that chasing rocket-ship growth.

What do you plan to do with Saber?

Nothing major for the first six months. We’ll be listening to our customers to find out what the product does well and where it needs improving. Then we’ll develop our roadmap.

We’ll also be working on improving the content of Saber Feedback. We believe that having a strong help section makes it easy for our customers to use our products without needing to contact support again and again.

We’ll also be making some tweaks to the marketing site, to help new customers decide if Saber Feedback is right for them.

Get in touch!

If you’re a Saber Feedback customer please get in touch: info@saberfeedback.com. We’d love a short (20 minute) chat about how you’re using Saber.

If you’re not a Saber Feedback customer, then try us out! We have a free 10-day trial so you can see whether the product is a good fit for your company or organisation.