Essential tools for getting student feedback on your online course

Feedback tips | 09 Sep 2020

Online courses are increasing in popularity, but how can you make sure yours is providing great value to your students? Ask your students and staff for feedback using one of these web tools.

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How should you sell your online course? (platforms compared)

Feedback tips | 21 Aug 2020

How you sell your online course affects how much profit you make, how many marketing options you have, and even how you create your course in the first place. In this article we'll look at your three main options

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How to price your online course so it sells (tips and tactics)

Feedback tips | 07 Aug 2020

in this article we look at tips that will help you decide on a suitable price. We then look at pricing tactics that can help you sell more, no matter what actual price you decide on for your course

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How to improve your online course (so you sell more in 2020)

Feedback tips | 03 Aug 2020

You've already created an online course, or are part way through. How do you improve it so you sell more? We'll look at 3 strategies to make your online course the best on the market.

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