How to collect website design feedback effectively

Feedback tips | 03 Nov 2021

Collecting feedback on your website and UI is one of the most effective ways to gauge how your website is tracking with users. It gives you a direct insight into how they use your website, how they feel while using it, and whether or not they're encountering an aspect of...

How customer and user feedback boosts various industries

Feedback tips | 05 Aug 2021

Feedback is crucial to understand where your business is going right and wrong. Across all industries, companies must identify improvement opportunities and take action to deliver the best possible customer/user experience. Why does it matter so much?

11 ways to respond and act on customer feedback

Feedback tips | 29 Jun 2021

What do you actually do with the feedback you get given? What is best practice for responding to and acting upon customer comments – the good, the bad and the downright ugly?

7 of the most common UX problems - and how feedback can fix them

Feedback tips | 24 May 2021

Overlooking user experience is a huge mistake for any business, no matter how big or successful. It’s vital that businesses take the time to identify UX issues and resolve them to provide a quality experience.

A pro's guide to collecting website feedback

Feedback tips | 24 Mar 2021

Feedback is critical to every business's success. It's what allows you to convert first-time customers into repeat business, to turn a negative experience into a positive one, and to improve your service in meaningful ways.

How to test a website - a 4-step guide

Feedback tips | 15 Mar 2021

Testing your website confirms that it works as intended. It proves (or disproves) that all of your ideas and efforts have come together in a functional, useful way. If you can't confirm this before you launch your website, you're accepting a huge risk.

11 of the best WordPress feedback plugins

Feedback tips | 22 Feb 2021

There are plenty of WordPress plugins for gathering user feedback and transforming your site into a lean, mean, converting machine. But navigating the variety of plugins can be tough if you’re new to actively sourcing and managing user feedback.

Get the best out of your web application testing

Feedback tips | 24 Jan 2021

Your applications must align with the standard of quality you want to be known for. You don’t want any oversights to frustrate users or drive them away to a competitor. Fortunately, you can save time and avoid potential mistakes with web application testing.

Web testing tools: which is best for your website or online course?

Feedback tips | 14 Jan 2021

We’ve picked and reviewed six web testing tools that are definitely worth your time.

7 of the best website widgets to boost your business's site

Feedback tips | 17 Dec 2020

You can improve your website's functionality with website widgets. We share and review seven of the best available.

Do you need a user feedback tool? (5 factors to consider)

Feedback tips | 07 Dec 2020

Many sites have user feedback tools. But just having a feedback tool doesn't mean your users will use it. If your feedback tool isn't being used, then you don't need it.

How to get online feedback for your website fast

Feedback tips | 26 Nov 2020

Gathering feedback for your website is one of the most important elements of providing a positive customer experience, but getting it as fast as possible is vital.

5 best website feedback tools for your business

Feedback tips | 16 Nov 2020

Customer feedback is a direct line to your customers' wants, needs, and issues, all of which can improve your marketing and service dramatically. We cover the basics of website feedback and share some of our favourite website feedback tools.

10 reasons to use a feedback button on your online course

Feedback tips | 26 Oct 2020

A feedback button is an icon visible on the pages of your online course. It makes it easy for your customers to give quick feedback on your course without leaving the page they are on. You can use that feedback to continually improve your course.

How can you get early stage feedback on your online course?

Feedback tips | 13 Oct 2020

When should you get feedback on your online course? Should you give away your course for free? What are the best ways to get feedback?

Website feedback tools - how, where, and when to use them

Feedback tips | 05 Oct 2020

Website feedback tools are a simple and inexpensive way for you to gather customer feedback. You can use this feedback to fix urgent bugs, improve your user experience and surface customer ideas. But where can you use them? And how?

Essential tools for getting student feedback on your online course

Feedback tips | 09 Sep 2020

Online courses are increasing in popularity, but how can you make sure yours is providing great value to your students? Ask your students and staff for feedback using one of these web tools.

How should you sell your online course? (platforms compared)

Feedback tips | 21 Aug 2020

How you sell your online course affects how much profit you make, how many marketing options you have, and even how you create your course in the first place. In this article we'll look at your three main options

How to price your online course so it sells (tips and tactics)

Feedback tips | 07 Aug 2020

We look at tips that will help you decide on a suitable price. We then look at pricing tactics that can help you sell more, no matter what actual price you decide on for your course.

How to improve your online course so you sell more

Feedback tips | 03 Aug 2020

You've already created an online course, or are part way through. How do you improve it so you sell more? We'll look at 3 strategies to make your online course the best on the market.

Website Feedback Tool vs Live Chat Widget

Feedback tips | 22 Jan 2019

While on the surface it may seem like website feedback tools and live chat widgets serve a very similar purpose, they in which they work, and how they are best used are actually very different. So which is best for you?