One of the best ways to gather customer feedback is through a dedicated online tool. In this post, we’ll look at two popular options: Saber Feedback and Usersnap.


Both Saber Feedback and Usersnap help companies learn more about their customers’ experience on their sites or apps, via a user-friendly feedback button. This is displayed on-screen in a convenient spot, so customers can start the feedback process with a single click.

By using either Saber Feedback and Usersnap, users can let you know of any bugs or UX problems they encounter.

Feedback buttons eliminate the need to leave the site or app to contact a customer support team via email, phone, or social media. It’s just a case of hitting the button and following the subsequent steps.

But while they may seem very similar at first, Saber Feedback and Usersnap are significantly different:


Saber Feedback

Saber Feedback revolves around its visual feedback button. It provides customisable feedback forms that customers can complete to report bugs or raise flags about issues affecting the quality of their experience. It’s fast, direct, and convenient.

Key details are automatically included with feedback for your convenience, such as operating system, browser name and version, plus JavaScript errors. Customers can make suggestions and request features that would enhance their experience. Screenshots provide invaluable context.

Saber Feedback also enables you to gauge customer experience through rating-based surveys. You can track Net Promoter Score to understand how likely users are to recommend your product (such as an online course) to a friend, via simple stars or emojis.

Follow-up questions gather further information that can help you make positive changes. This provides more context and helps you understand the customer’s problems in depth.


Usersnap has a wide range of features, including a customisable feedback button that can be installed quickly with a short code. By clicking on the button, users can report a bug, suggest improvements, or contact support agents.

The screenshot mode enables customers to create visual tickets, and they can be annotated to highlight key areas or issues. This makes it easier for internal teams to share their thoughts on feedback and add suggestions, rather than communicating elsewhere.

Video feedback is also available, so teams can watch bugs in action through real-time screen recordings.

Usersnap features qualitative and quantitative surveys to gather different forms of feedback, similar to Saber Feedback. Pop-up Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score surveys invite users to share their experience through star ratings.

These surveys can be tweaked to include just one question or multiple, and to suit the target audience.

One of the most distinctive features in Usersnap is the in-app form. You can use this to invite volunteer testers and schedule interviews with users to gain more insights into your product.

Another notable feature is the guest list view. Businesses can publish feedback lists so that customers can track their suggestions, so they know that their input has been recognised and may contribute to a better product in the future. Comment threads for each piece of feedback allow for back-and-forth interactions.

All feedback can be accessed in one place through Usersnap’s dashboard, and statistics enable you to study feedback trends with at-a-glance visual information.


Both Saber Feedback and Usersnap offer businesses a powerful, convenient way to gather feedback from the people who matter most.

They enable you to develop a deeper insight into your audience, and pinpoint specific bugs or design issues that may be missed otherwise.

The biggest benefit is that you can implement changes based on facts, coming directly from your users, rather than your own assumptions.

This is vital to keep delivering a quality product tailored to your target audience’s requirements and goals. Otherwise, you’ll base new features and functions on guesswork — which might reveal you don’t know your users as well as you think you do.

With a good feedback tool, you’ll be able to grow your product and guide its development in the right direction. Add new features requested by those who need them, not just because you think they’ll be helpful.

Saber Feedback’s emphasis on a streamlined process benefits businesses who want to make gathering feedback as simple as possible. Usersnap includes analytics and other features that may be unnecessary for many teams, particularly smaller ones.


Saber Feedback integrates with a range of tools, including:

Usersnap integrates with:

As you can see, there’s some crossover between the two. Both Saber Feedback and Usersnap can be added to your current setup easily, integrating with an extensive variety of tools. Get feedback straight into your favourite tools, such as Trello and Slack.


Both products have tiered pricing, with similar price points. Saber Feedback’s pricing plans, however, have more generous limits.

Saber Feedback is available via three plans:

You can try Saber Feedback for free for 30 days, with no credit card required.

Usersnap’s plans are:

You can try Usersnap for free for 14 days, with no credit card required.

Make Saber Feedback your website feedback solution

Saber Feedback is a simple and robust tool for collecting customer feedback. Learn more about Saber Feedback.