Feedback software is a competitive area. There are plenty of choices, and it can be hard working out how they differ. To make this easier, we’ve compared Saber Feedback to some popular alternatives.

In general, how Saber Feedback differs is that we don’t try to be an entire “CX platform”. We offer a simple way to collect feedback from your customers, and we make it as easy as we possibly can to get that feedback into the systems you already use.

Many of the choices for feedback buttons want you to manage the feedback inside their tool, using their own platform. It becomes yet another tool you need to learn to get your job done. Saber Feedback tries to get out of your way as best it can.


The big difference between Usabilla and Saber Feedback? Price. Usabilla doesn’t publish their prices, which is a clear sign it is intended for enterprises with large budgets. Saber Feedback has upfront reasonable pricing.


Looking for a simple way to get feedback from your customers and into the systems you already use? Then you want Saber Feedback. Or looking for a complete “CX platform”? Then you want Usersnap. Read our detailed comparison of Saber Feedback and Usersnap.


Mopinion offers much more than a simple feedback widget - and comes with a much higher price than Saber Feedback. Mopinion might be for you if you want detailed analysis of feedback and have an enterprise budget. Saber Feedback is a great alternative to Mopinion if you want a simple solution with a reasonable price tag.